Ghanaian prophet buries destiny of man who insulted him on TikTok Live

A popular Ghanaian cleric Prophet Azuka has shared a fresh video of himself cursing and burying the destiny of a Canada-based Ghanaian man, Kofi Pages for insulting him.

The feud between Prophet Azuka and Kofi Pages began when Kofi Pages requested to join the Azuka TikTok live session– Knowing well that he was only going to disgrace the controversial man of God.

Without mincing words, Kofi Pages described Prophet Azuka as a stupid thief who’s preying on the vulnerabilities of naive Ghanaians to enrich his pocket. This confrontation however left the cleric shaken while on the live show.

Consequently, doubts have been raised about his credibility and authenticity as a spiritual leader. The confrontation revealed Azuka’s vulnerability, prompting many to question his claims of being the only true man of God in Ghana.

In his rage, Prophet Azuka issued a week-long ultimatum for Kofi Pages to apologize; otherwise, he threatens that Kofi Pages will meet an untimely and excruciating end. The situation remains tense, and the public eagerly awaits further developments.

In a video which is already going viral on social media, the prophet could be seen laying curses on Kofi Pages.


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