Fresh graduate gets hired after his mum recommended him at firm where she works as cleaner

A Nigerian woman has won hearts online after recommending her son for a job at her place of employment soon after he graduated.

The young guy recently finished the NYSC program, and his mother, who works as a cleaner for a firm, spoke with her employer on her son’s behalf.

Following the recommendation, the graduate was invited to an interview, which he aced. His mother was overjoyed when the company made him a job offer.

A member of the organization’s staff posted the touching tale and a picture of the fresh graduate receiving his appointment letter while his mother’s face lit up with joy on social media.

“This is a cleaner in our office who recommended her son (just completed NYSC) for an opening. He passed the test and interviews, and just got his appointment letter. You need to see how wide her smile is. God bless our mothers,” the caption read.

See the post below.


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