Fotos de Alan Garcia muerto: Photos of Alan García dead

Fotos de Alan Garcia muerto: Photos of Alan García dead have emerged on the internet but there are claims that they are false.

Fotos de Alan Garcia muerto lailasnews

The former president of Peru, Alan García, shot himself in the head when he was to be arrested yesterday after being investigated for corruption of the construction company Odebrecht;

Pictures of Alan Garcia corpse after the gruesome Alan Garcia death have come to light.

Fotos de Alan Garcia muerto: Photos of Alan García dead

After revealing that the former president of Peru, Alan García, had been shot dead in the head hours after being admitted to a hospital when he was being detained by the police for alleged corruption offenses in the Odebrecht case ; the photographs of the terrible moment have been revealed.

Thanks to an audio, apparently shared by hospital staff, it is known that former President Alan García had been notified 10 days before his arrest.

When the authorities arrived at his house, Alan García asked to speak with his lawyer and left the officers’ sight; minutes later a shot was heard .

The audio reveals that the shot entered the neck of former President Alan Garcia, broke his jaw and the bullet went through the head.

Enrique Gutiérrez, director of the Casimiro Ulloa hospital in Lima, said that the exmandatario presented a shot of a firearm in the skull “with an entrance and exit hole “, he also said that they did everything possible to save his life, however due to the gravity of his injuries, this was not achieved.

Alan García was being investigated for alleged bribes in the construction of a train for Lima, a project in which Odebrecht was involved.


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