First wife attacks husband’s second wife on their wedding day

A Fulani bride (Amarya) suffered assault at the hands of her senior wife who seemed displeased about her husband’s decision to take a second wife.

The bride as is customary in the tribe, visited the first wife to pay respects on her wedding day, but the guests witnessed a shocking twist.

In a viral video posted on Twitter by @Fulani_Tutor, she had been led her to greet her senior colleague at her home but the latter saw it as an opportunity to pounce on her.

She threw blows and slaps at the junior colleague thereby causing panic and pandemonium at the venue.

The post read; “In fulani culture setting, when a man re marry, the bride (Amarya) will go and greet the first wife, to show respect,

The (First wife) seized this opportunity to attack the bride. This is wrong, there is no justification to this act. Kaajal na ko ginnaji?”

Watch the video below:


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