Family disowns 22-year-old daughter for sleeping with 4 of her man’s friends

A 22-year-old lady known as Bukola has shared a complicated story of multiple infidelities on her part and that of her lover.

She said he current man is the person who took her virginity but he does not treat her as respectedly as she would want.

In a bid to make him jealous, she slept with four of his buddies and he found out. He then decided to pay her back by sleeping with her cousin.

However, it did not end there as her man reported her infidelity to her family members. She said he sent her nude photos to his brother and the revelation caused her family to disown her.

Bukola said; “Lost my virginity at 21. I’m 22 with a body count of 9. I’m still in love with my first boyfriend but he treats me like a bootycall.

So I slept with 4 of his boys as revenge now. He took it too far and slept with my cousin and sent nudes of me to my brother. My family have disowned me.”

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