Family ‘adopts’ elderly widower as a grandfather figure for their children

In Rhode Island, a family displayed a remarkable level of kindness and compassion towards their elderly neighbor, who had experienced the loss of his wife six months before they arrived.

Family welcomes Elderly Man who lost his wife into their home

Embracing the 82-year-old Paul Callahan as one of their own, the Caraballo family has warmly welcomed him and treated him with the utmost care and respect, considering him their cherished “honorary grandpa.”

According to the information provided by the NY Post, the Caraballo family first encountered Paul Callahan in March 2022. The initial meeting occurred when Mr. Callahan kindly offered them a ladder to assist with housework.

This encounter sparked a connection between the Caraballo family and Mr. Callahan, leading to a deeper relationship and the subsequent display of kindness and compassion towards their elderly neighbor.

“He was coming over with tools. He’d bring screwdrivers and teach Wilson how to fix up the garage, and Wilson followed all his advice,” Sharaine Caraballo, 32, told South West News Service.

Sharaine, a case manager for domestic violence survivors, expressed her initial concerns about meeting their new neighbors. However, Paul Callahan was crucial in making Sharaine and her family feel welcomed and comfortable.

Over time, their relationship has evolved into a close friendship, and they now spend nearly every day together, including holidays.

In her words:

“When Paul welcomed us into the neighborhood, I knew I had made the right choice.” Callahan, a retired Texas Instruments manager, has also bonded with the Caraballo’s children, who call him Uncle Paul. He often brings them “little trinkets” and tells them stories.”

“They play with him a lot and call him Uncle Paul. He’s got stories for days. I asked what drew him to us, and he said he was a very social person and that he grew up around lots of kids.”

On Father’s Day, the Caraballo family expressed their appreciation and love for Paul Callahan by gifting him a new outfit.

By welcoming Paul Callahan, an elderly neighbor who had recently lost his wife, into their lives and treating him as their “honorary grandpa,” the Caraballo family is not only providing companionship and a sense of belonging for Mr. Callahan but also fostering a strong sense of community.

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