Eko hotel worker who returned $70,000 gets free Canada PR

The Eko hotel staff who who returned $70,000 back to a customer that forgot it in a suite, has revealed that she got free Canada PR.

Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, a customer care officer made this known during the NSSPPD service which aired during the testimony segment on Tuesday morning.

The young lady testified to divine turnaround after she had joined the prayer platform. She narrated how her family went from facing stagnation to doing well, while her brother who graduated with a first class now has a job as a lecturer in the University of Port Harcourt.

Mary then told her own story of how she made the headlines for returning the lost $70,000 to the owner. After this, she began to get recognised.

She said; “My other testimony is in God’s favour and lifting. The second week of July 2023, Pastor made a declaration on the altar of fire, he said ‘There’s someone here at your office a minute thing will happen, but it will blow you up to the world and I said Amen’.”

While recounting when she saw the money in the safe, she said the first thought that came to her head was; “What will Jesus do? Jesus will not take what does not belong to him” and in that moment, I took the phone in the room and called my office”.

She continued to explain the journey since the incident; “An International Organisation called me since they know I speak French, they called me, they want to do Canada PR for me for free.”

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