Eedris Abdulkareem once attacked me with his boys – Jaywon

Nigerian singer Jaywon has recalled how his colleague, Eedris Abdulkareem and his “boys” once attacked him.

Speaking in a recent interview with comedian, Teju Babyface, Jaywon said he and Abdulkareem had “a couple of issues” while they were at Kennis Music.

He described Abdulkareem as a “bully,” stressing that he has no right to call out Burna Boy.

He said, “A lot of people might know Eedris, but I know Eedris. I was on the same label with him. We were at Kennis Music together and we had a couple of issues.

“Eedris cannot call Burna Boy out. Different people can call Burna Boy out not Eedris. Because whatever [arrogance] Burna Boy is doing now, people like Eedris started it. Eedris is a bully. Ask anybody who knows him. He can be nice sometimes. I also heard that he is generous. But he cannot call Burna Boy out.

“Eedris once attacked me with his boys. He attacked me on a bus after a show because he felt I stole his shine at the concert. They were kicking me. It was even in the news that I was in a coma. I tried to stand and they were kicking me down.

“When I finally got up, I confronted the driver. I was like, ‘How will something like this be going and you are still driving?’ Eedris threatened to kill the driver if he stopped driving.”

Jaywon, however, berated Burna Boy over his claims that no Nigerian artist paved the way for him.

“It is madness for Burna Boy to say no one paved the way for him. It’s a wrong thing to say, the next generation will do the same to him,” he said.

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