Drama as man returns from Spain to discover his family squandered money he’s been sending home for 15 years

A Spain-based man nearly ran mad after returning to Nigeria to get a very saddening news from members of his family.

He had apparently been sending money to his family back home for a building project for about 15 years that he’s been abroad, only for him to land in his motherland and discover that his mother and siblings squandered all the money.

A Twitter user @Inzaghi1 shared the story after witnessing the man going into a fit of non-stop lamentation along the road at Oregun.

The incident reportedly happened around 8:30am and it caused some serious traffic that motorists had to alight from their cars.

The tweep said the distraught man said he sent them money to build a house for himself and a building of four flats which they can be renting to make money but they did none of the projects.

“8.30am: A man is crying & screaming in Oregun, apparently he just came back from Spain & all the money he’s been sending to his people to build a house is no where to be found.

He said he’s been gone for 15yrs and his mother & brothers have nothing to show him..People are in traffic & foot soldiers have gathered , I had to roll down to see what’s going on.

I haven’t seen a man cry this much, he said he feels naked and empty.. All his life savings gone, he sent them money to build his personal house and 4 flats so they can earn income,” the post reads.



One thought on “Drama as man returns from Spain to discover his family squandered money he’s been sending home for 15 years

  1. His family members are all witches. If it were me, it is just to disfamily them and know I am on my own. I’ll go back to Spain and let the government bury me when I die. What kind of heartlessness is this?

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