Dr Singh missing update: Dr V Singh Pietermaritzburg

Dr Singh missing update: 71 year old Dr V Singh Pietermaritzburg was reported missing after he was last seen leaving his surgery in Raisethorpe October 29, 2019 at around 12pm.

Dr Singh missing update: Dr V Singh Pietermaritzburg

According to Mountain Rise SAPS spokesman Warrant Officer Joshua Maistry, this prompted search operations, various community safety and security organisations, as well as police, scouring the area for him.

Dr V Singh cellular phone was traced to the Howick Fall’s precinct where the doctor’s BMW car was found.

His car was discovered at the falls and looked as if it had been involved in a rear-end collision. The vehicle was taken to the Howick police station.

There are reports that police retrieved a note from the car seat but as yet there has been no official confirmation from the police.

Eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen Dr Singh drive through the area before parking at the falls opposite the vendors say he sat in his car, a white BMW, for several hours before getting out at about 6pm.

The SAPS team assisted by sniffer dogs are in the search.

Earlier drones were used to search the precinct for any sign of the missing doctor whose abandoned vehicle was found yesterday in the vicinity of Howick Falls.

The plunge pool is notoriously dangerous for divers and requires specialised equipment and technical skills.

Searchers combed the area for signs of the doctor last night but when it got too dark and too dangerous, the search was called off, and resumed again early this morning.

Two drones were used to scan the area and the surrounding cliffs and bushes, to no avail.

Search efforts are on.

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