Don’t allow anybody use forgiveness to manipulate you — Actress Lota Chukwu

Nollywood actress, Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia, on Tuesday dropped her fans and followers a nugget on the need to avoid being boxed into an unpleasant situation over forgiveness.

According to Lota, people should not allow anyone use forgiveness to manipulate them into granting access to their lives.

She made the statement whilst sharing a short clip where a woman said “I actually do not hold grudges I establish boundaries based on behaviours to protect myself.”

Reacting to her statement, Lota in an Instagram story on Tuesday said;

“Finally, someone put it succinctly. Don’t let anyone use asking for forgiveness to manipulate you into granting the same access before an incident. It’s called learning from experience

“Forgiveness is the offendee’s compromise, respecting boundaries set as a result of offense, is the offender’s compromise”.

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