Death Rumor: Actress Toyin Abraham reacts

Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi, the popular Nollywood actress, has reacted to false claims that she has died.

The actress took to social media to react to the fake report that she has passed away.

The malicious news was shared on YouTube by an unidentified person who claimed that her death was caused by the election.

“R.I.P Actress Toyin Abraham Death News. Clash over Naira Notes And 2023 Elections,” the title reads.

Appalled by the false report, the mother of one said she believes it is politically motivated and spread by people who oppose her political stance.

Toyin, a proud supporter of APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, also condemned the act of bullying and harassing people because of their political choice.

According to her, it is no longer democracy if people can’t freely support a candidate of their choice.

She posted screenshots of the news and wrote, “The post is politically motivated and shared by people who disagree with her

It is no more Democracy if you don’t allow people to make their decision freely. Everyone can not see things from your own angle ONLY.

Bullying, harassing and threatening people’s life because they disagree with you on personal choice shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

Why would anyone put this out there? Why? Why should anyone wish others bad because they made a different choice?Why?

Death is not my portion in Jesus name. #asiwajubaby #iamasiwajubaby”


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