Davido never helped me, I lied – Nigerian boy makes u-turn, apologises

A Nigerian boy who initially claimed that Nigerian superstar singer, Davido, helped him has now retracted his statement.

The boy had gone viral a few days ago after he took to social media to celebrate, claiming he received a message from the 30 BG boss.

In a video he posted, the young rising comedian is seen screaming in delight and rolling on the floor while recounting how Davido reached out to him, promising to promote his work.

However, he has now made a U-turn, revealing that nothing of the sort happened. In his latest video, he confessed that he only made the claim to get attention.

He went on to explain that he was a comedian who had been struggling to get noticed on social media, and he thought that claiming that Davido had helped him would get him more attention.

He said that he was sorry for lying and hoped that people would forgive him.

“Abeg, you wey be say you Dey see this video, abeg no vex, I say make I come online, come beg for wetin I talk. Na me be that boy dem Dey post say Davido help him, see actually Davido no help me that video na lie, na lie I Dey talk for that video. Abeg make una help me, na why I come beg una, make una no vex abeg.

“See my name na Jjfrosh, I be comedian. I reason am say for how many years wey I Dey do video, my highest like na 17 likes, nobody Dey gree Dey like me. If I tell my people make dem go subscribe, follow me, dem go Dey insult me say I no fit blow. Na em make me do like person wey Davido help, na em make me do that video.

“I no know say e go viral like that. Before I know, bloggers don carry am Dey post for facebook and instagram. So abeg make una no vex, Davido no truly help me. Make una help me Dey beg Davido make he help me. Na this tripod and phone my papa buy for me before he die, since then no family member don help me but I go prove to them say once Davido reply me, better Dey come sha.

“Abeg make una help me Dey beg Davido. Make una no vex abeg, I No know say I fuck up abeg. I no wan spoil my career, na em make me come online come confess, I no want make anybody think say Dey don help me. Make una help me Dey beg Davido, na only him fit do am.” He said.

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