David Mondragon missing found dead; Family calls off search

David Mondragon missing found dead; Family calls off search.

The desperate call for help to find David who went missing around the Durango, Colorado area, has ended not with the outcome his family members had fervently prayed for.

David Mondragon missing found dead lailasnews

According to an update from David’s family, he has been found dead.

David Mondragon missing found dead

An update from David’s sister Bryanna reads:

Well our search has ended and my brother has been found. Unfortunately it’s not the outcome we were all wishing, hoping, and praying for.!

Please just keep my family in your prayers as we go through this hard time.

REMEMBER MY BROTHER FOR THE OUTSTANDING, LOVING, CARING person he was….and so many other things!!

We love you so so much David!!! May you find an endless amount of sheds in heaven❤️❤️❤️❤️

Read updates shared by David’s sister before he was finally found deceased:

*UPDATE* 4-14-19 As of right now, no new news. He is still missing. Only leads are that he may of been heading north of Durango. All the leads we have been getting are really vague and no specific areas or location.

The officers that we have won’t ping his phone unless he’s a threat to himself of society so that has been a bummer and unhelpful. If anyone has any info, please get in contact with us!! Thanks everyone for sharing. Let’s find David and bring him home!

*UPDATE 4-15-19* so far we have not had and breaking leads in finding my brother David. The Durango Police have finally posted a flyer, he was in a program through HillTop correctional facility, where he had recreation time and lived on his own.

By their protocol they have to consider him a runaway. Which he is not and the authorities agree that he indeed is a missing person and not a danger to society. There have been two reported sightings in The Grand Junction area and in Edwards.

Both not leading anywhere at this time. We ask for anyone with any information or possible sightings to please contact Detective John Dever with the Durango police Department. Or contact one of the individuals tagged in this post. I will continue to post updates as much as I can. At this point it’s a waiting game and we are contacting anyone who knew him and asking anyone who knew him in Durango to reach out with information.

Then came the last update that David has been found and search ended.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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