Cross, other colleagues have advised me to dump Angel – Soma

Reality TV star and actor, Somadina Anyama simply known as Soma, has revealed that some of his colleagues are advising him to break up with his love interest, Angel.

It may be recalled that Soma and Angel’s relationship started in the Big Brother Naija house and they decided to continue after the show ended.

But he said in a recent interview on Glitch Africa’s ‘To Be Honest’ podcast that Cross, a former lover of Angel is among those advising him to part ways with her.

Angel and Cross were romantically involved during their season in 2021 but their relationship hit the rocks shortly after the show.

Soma stated that despite concerns from his colleagues over her mental health, he decided to stick with Angel.

He said; “People always come to me and tell me that ‘Soma, you need to leave this babe [Angel]. This babe, guy she is …’ And half of the time I’m like, ‘Bro, I don’t give a f**k.’

“I know severally, different housemates have come to say, ‘Ah! Soma, just take am easy with Angel o. You know say Angel fit …’ I’m like, ‘Guy, I don’t care.’ Cross was part of them.”

On her part, Angel said; “And I don’t get the gist right. They don’t know me at all. All the people that were in Biggie’s house, the person I can say knows me like that is Mercy because we’ve an existing relationship. And maybe, Frodd as well.

“But the other people don’t know me. Even Cross doesn’t know me like that. He does not know me at all.”

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