Cooking Marathon: Nigerians drag Chef Alan Fisher new record hold on Instagram

Some Nigerians have flocked to the Instagram account of Irish chef Alan Fisher, who recently broke the Guinness World Record previously held by Nigerian chef and restaurateur, Hilda Baci.

It was earlier reported that Alan Fisher dethroned Hilda Baci to become the new world record holder for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, as announced by Guinness World Records on Tuesday, November 7.

Following the announcement, Hilda Baci extended her congratulations to Alan Fisher and removed the title from her bio. However, many Nigerians did not follow suit, opting instead to visit Mr. Fisher’s Instagram page and harass him for breaking Hilda’s record.

Some criticized him for not waiting for some time before attempting to break the record to allow Hilda to enjoy it, while others questioned why he was “competing in the kitchen with a woman.”

Surprisingly, some Nigerians referred to him as a thief and suggested that he should have competed in the Olympics instead of a cooking challenge.

Although this is not unexpected, as Nigerians are known to come to the defense of their compatriots, many have frowned upon this behavior and warned the trolls to stop harassing Alan.

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