Bridging the gap between working hard and playing hard with the Note series

Mobile phone use today has gone way beyond the basic functions of placing calls, receiving calls and exchanging text messages. Its use has transcended what was formerly thought possible and users increasingly want their phones to do so much more for them.

This has kept smartphone brands on their toes, with the need to constantly come up with new innovations that deliver users with the best smartphone experience their money can afford them.

Infinix as a brand has particularly been all for addressing user needs with core elements that make the majority of its users—Generation Z—tick. For some, their priority is to turn their phones into mobile offices to enable them to get work done on the go.

For others, it is a powerful way to express their fashion styles in not just colours and clothing but with customization of apps and software to meet their specific needs. While some others are just really interested in the trendiness of the body design or the quality of entertainment it can offer them.

Whichever the category of users, everyone wants to be able to succeed at work and also be adequately entertained because, well, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. On the other hand, who wants to be a mere toy? Bills have to be paid and life has to be lived softly.

With a focus on delivering smart technology for users to combine work and play, the brand has been delivering just that. Tracing all the way from the Note 7, we see smart innovations, sleek designs and extraordinary performance.

At the time of its release, the Note 7 took fourth place in the Global Mobile Phone ranking by IDC. It also had cool and unique features to stand users out from the crowd like a ‘V’ gesture feature to answer calls with no physical contact. The release of the device was a peculiar online smartphone launch in Africa which was arguably the best at the time.

Each new Note release has been an improvement on the previous one and the Note 8 came out being the first celebrity limited edition device with Davido nicknamed ‘Speed King’ due to its excellent gaming performance. It featured a campaign tagged ‘#EmpoweredByInfinixNote8’ and the campaign winner won a million naira for business investment while other entrepreneurs had access to free business training programmes.

The Note series following the Note 8 was the Note 10 Pro sporting design features that earned it the winner of the IF Design Awards of 2021. It displayed a beautiful combination of beauty and strength, providing a truly immersive entertainment experience for users.

In a bid to challenge users to play big in life’s endeavours, the Note 11 was released with bigger and better upgrades to offer more to users. The Note 11 embodied a MediaTek HelioG96, giving it an edge in performance and a bigger battery with a TÜV Rheinland-approved charging technology among other intriguing specs.

InfinixNote12 series recently rolled out with a focus on enabling users “Take the Lead’, came built for style, power and convenience. Innovative performance features on the device such as a 120W HyperCharge design, a 120Hz refresh rate, a 108MP Cinematic Triple Camera and so much more enable users to ‘Take the Lead’ and achieve the extraordinary, breaking the norms at work and play.

Driven by a global vision to consistently deliver amazing products to consumers, Infinix keeps displaying strong innovation capabilities by giving consumers the best possible smartphone within their price ranges. Keep up with new rollouts from Infinix on the journey to the best smartphone experiences.

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