Brazilian man pretending to be police officer rapes woman during “inspection”

A man who pretended to be a military policeman raped a 23-year-old girl in Betim city, Minas Gerais state. There have been no arrests yet.

According to the victim, she was driving with a friend, aged 17, from the São João neighborhood.

At one point, when she parked the vehicle to look for the teenager’s keys, she was approached by the criminal.

The alleged agent arrived in a red car, said he was a military policeman and said he also works as a security guard in the region.

He asked what the two were doing there, asked for the girl’s driver’s license, phone number, address and personal information.

He then ordered the 17-year-old boy out of the car and confiscated his cell phone, ordering him back inside “for his safety”.

When he tried to look at the girl, he was threatened with a firearm. According to the girl, the criminal touched her intimate parts and raped her, while asking if she had drugs. He threatened her with a gun.

She received medical care. The Military Police informs that “the name presented in the demand was not located in the employee database.”

The Civil Police did not comment on the progress of the investigations.

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