Aunty Ramota reveals why she can never get married

Diminutive entertainer and TikToker, identified as Aunty Ramota, has revealed why she is not interested in getting married to any man.

In a video making rounds online, Aunty Ramota, who became an internet sensation because of her diminutive stature, stated that she is not ready to be submissive to a man and would constantly be fighting with him.

The woman, who is reportedly in her forties despite her small stature, stated that they will be having frequent arguments and she is not willing to live that kind of life.

She also mentioned that since she was the one who built her house, she might ask him to leave at the slightest provocation and tell him to go and live with his concubine.

Aunty Ramota who spoke in Yoruba, said, “If a man marries me, we will be fighting everyday because I can’t be submissive. You didn’t build my house for me, I’d ask him to move out and go live with his concubines.”

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