Asake used to squat in different houses, I witnessed his depression – Hotkid reveals

Musician Hotkid shared an emotional story about how Afrobeats artist Asake went through depression before he became famous.

Asake, the “Yoga” crooner, was formerly homeless and lived on the streets, according to Hotkid, who revealed that in 2020, Asake discovered a temporary home under his roof.

In a special interview with Kim Oprah on the Hip TV show Trending, Hotkid described the difficulties Asake encountered before landing a record deal with YBNL, a company run by well-known rapper Olamide.

Hotkid claims that during Asake’s time with him, he saw Asake experience a serious depressive episode.

Hotkid recalled the evening that Asake confided in him about his difficulties and said he wished for a more stable circumstance.

It was around this time that Asake was struggling to establish himself in the music business.

In his words;

“The funny thing is that I never knew there was depression. Now let me just tell you this story real quick. In early 2020, Asake was in my room, he said he was depressed. I didn’t understand.

“Asake is my birthday mate. He was sleeping in my room. Then he didn’t have an apartment. So he was just shuffling people’s houses. He was in my room one night and was like how long does he wanna do this. I was cheering him up. I didn’t know that my own depression was coming.

“That’s why I always say it is easier to give opinions when you are not in someone’s shoes. So when I see people in some situations, I feel bad for them. Don’t judge. You don’t have any opinion. You are not perfect. It’s God that is helping you. Do you think the people you are judging are happy they are going through that situation? Before I was like that but now I know better.”

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