Arrest Dokubo now – Nigerians call on FG after he brandished AK-47

A video of former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo threatening Igbos and brandishing AK-47 guns has gone viral.
In the video, the ex-militant could be heard threatening that if not for the intervention of the British, he would have been selling the Igbo people to slavery just like his father did many years ago.
Dokubo said the Igbo people were looking for who would deal with them, asking them to look around and see how they are being killed incessantly.
He then went ahead to brandish AK-47 guns.
He said: “You open. You take your leprosy hand to write. Don’t you have respect for the people who bought your father?
“Is it every Calabari that is a Calabari man? Do you know your roots? That you talk to me? You don’t know that people own this Calabari.
“You are law-abiding…Igbos, I don’t know them. I don’t know where they came from. Because I know that if not for British intervention, I will still be selling them. The way my father sold them.
“Now look at you people in Igbo land. Look at how you are dying woto-woto.
“You will do a video to sell that Alhaji has run away. You dey see me? I don’t run.
“Una head no correct. E be like say una dey look for who go finish una.”
Nigerians while reacting, accused Asari of instigating hate against Igbos and called on security operatives

to arrest him. Many also wondered where he got the AK-47 guns he showed off.


See reactions below:
This may be Asari Dokubo speaking, but a good listen should tell you he’s echoing someone else’s voice – connect with his utterances right after his recent visit to the presidency.
There was a time when utterances like this made the waves on Rwandan radio until about 1 million were left dead, many of whom were butchered with machetes.
On our very soil here, the Biafran war and especially the crimes that preceded it, did not pop out of the blue; it was nursed over a period of time with the necessary narrative and propaganda.
My concern is less about any random statements against any ethnicity at any given time, but more about the consistency this has maintained in recent times against a particular people who have been the farthest to the corridor of power for about four decades now.
At least, Lagos is proving it was not just about winning elections by whatever means necessary but “it’s serious business” with lots of issues reminiscent of the late 60s in northern Nigeria.
A stitch in time, they say.
Exactly . ASARI cannot sit in Aso Rock and make such statements without Tinubu, Remi and SHETTIMA’s backing. He started with threats to military and moved to civilian. Their aim is to instil fear but Fa fa fa foul. Instead we will put pressure to remove criminals from power!
God will bless u…the civil war started with d first lie….”the 1966 coup”… secondly…we ate wiser now…but ur point is well noted… Nigeria is not far away from Kigali
Asari Dokubo small to dey threaten igbo people shaaa so we didn’t give him the relevance he’s looking for
One thing is very sure , the igbo tribe will resist any forms of intimidation.
If this guy was an Igbo man, he would be in prison now.
@Princemoye1 and @BenHundeyin would have issued an arrest warrant and placed a bounty on his head. But since he is close to power…let’s just say he is joking
The day we will say enough is enough and decide that let things spoil will surely come. Until then rubbish the igbos all you can.
I’m sorry but Yoruba people are the real enemy of ndi igbo, one elderly man told me history of kind of politics awolowo played during his time, it is not different from tinubu style of politics, awolowo is the reason why our brothers from South south Nigeria are afraid of us
This is actually an old video before the election, unfortunately nothing happened to him. In fact he got a presidential invite to Aso villa
In all of these.. asides from a few selfish politicians from igboland, IGBOS have never really cared about political happenings in Nigeria. The focus on more important issues like business and creating more wealth. So what is their crime to warrant all of these.
The Yoruba Ronu thinks that they will be safe during any uprising. No one is safe and that is why everyone should avoid crisis
It’s always the most scared cowards that make the loudest threats, this imp that’s technically a “minority” is claiming his ancestors sold members of the one of the largest tribes in weat Africa
Someone who Visited Aso Rock just few days ago, made such statement with confidence on a video and nothing will happen. Eze Igbo Lagos state was arrested just because he said we should send IPOB to Lagos to protect the igbos. But watch this man.

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