Actor Femi Brainard speaks on becoming Uber driver in the US

Veteran Nollywood actor, Femi Brainard speaks on how he had to become an Uber driver in America to provide for his family while opening up on the challenges he faced since moving abroad.

The actor shared his experience while speaking in a podcast with Teju Oyelakin, also known as Teju Babyface.

He revealed that when he moved to America, there came a time when he was completely broke and had nothing. That day, he had been so broken that he went to the parking lot to shed tears.

Femi Brainard noted that he had to become an Uber driver at some point, and although he never had a problem with this, many Nigerians he had carried in his Uber did.

He said …

“At times it would be so hard,I no go get Money for hand. That day I went to the parking lot of our apartment, I cried, na me bring this woman here. Yankee no know star o… I had to feed my family. I know these couple from the airport, the husband was like, ‘ask him if he is Femi Brainard and I said yes. The husband didn’t know when he reached at me and asked ‘bros what are you doing here”.

“As difficult as Nigeria seems to be, I would rather be a prince and a celebrity in a system that is not working than come to this place and be a nobody. I am still bothered about rent.”

Watch video below …


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