Aaron Doh suicide: What happened to Aaron Doh? #weloveyouaaron

Aaron Doh suicide: What happened to Aaron Doh?

Aaron Doh suicide: What happened to Aaron Doh?

The beloved social media star reportedly attempted suicide November 2, 2019. Thankfully, he didn’t succeed and is now in the hospital recovering.

See below concerning tweets that sparked Aaron Doh suicide concerns:

aaron doh suicide

Aaron Doh suicide: What happened to Aaron Doh? #weloveyouaaron

Fans have turned up on social media in hundreds to show their support to him using the hashtag #weloveyouaaron. Read comments below:

#weloveyouaaron happy to get to hug you again soon, so thankful for you and your life. We will have to get more pictures too & you can finally get baby snuggles with Brenna!

You are kind, loved, smart, important, funny, talented & you are enough. God’s not done with you yet!

you are my rock.. my anchor.. my best friend.. someone i have admired and looked up to for almost 5 years.. you are worth it..

i wouldn’t be the person i am without you.. please stay strong i love you so fucking much aaron. 😭💛 #weloveyouaaron


please. f*ing please reach out to your friends. even if they seem perfectly fine. check in on them every once in a while. just because someone seems okay, doesn’t mean they actually are.


#weloveyouaaron praising God for interceding tonight. He’s not done with you yet. We love you, we need you here not for what you can do but for who you are.

Thankful you are safe and being cared for now. Happy to get to hug your neck soon. 💕


i haven’t been able to sleep tonight, just tossing and turning feeling off. then i get on here to see about aaron and my heart f*king dropped. i love that dude so much, he’s such a sweetheart and deserves nothing but happiness. i truly pray that he’s alright.


8 thoughts on “Aaron Doh suicide: What happened to Aaron Doh? #weloveyouaaron

  1. Yes…he did. I can’t believe it. Aaron is so smart, funny, so loved. Plus, the amount of fans he has, The whole world would cry! He is an amazing singer, and I love him to pieces but… I wouldn’t be able to handle his loss. He inspires me so much every day. He makes me laugh, and cry. Sometimes both at the same time. I hope he is well and stays that way. ~Cole

  2. when i was reading this and saw his tweet i was freaking the fuck out imma glad he dident kill himself we all love u AARON

  3. We love you Aaron! I’m crying while typing this, I just learned about what all happened today cause I was grounded and couldn’t get online. I’m SOSOSOSOSO happy that he’s okay.

  4. Aron you are worthy, please don’t ever think your not enough for the world. Everyone will support you and your amazing. Please everyone be happy he is okay and is still breathing
    We will all be praying for you.

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