A white man that married me in 2013 has neither visited nor invited me over since then – Woman cries out

A Nigerian woman has said that she got married to a white man in 2013 and he went back to his country but he’s never returned to Nigeria since then.

She shared her story with an Instagram blog as she revealed that another man now wants to take her hand in marriage but she’s confused.

According to the lady, she wedded the white man when she was 24 years old, but he refused to allow her join him, saying that things are hard.

She said he however sends money for upkeep and rent, and promises her that he will return but 9 years have passed and nothing yet.

The blogger shared screenshots of a chat with the affected woman and wrote; ”From DM… This one pass me … Please what advice do you have for her?”

The woman wrote; ”Please I need your advice, in June 16 2013 I got married to a white man when I was 24, at Ikoyi registry. I was nerve and lost since I lost my mom. This man has refused to come or invite me claiming things are hard for him over there but he kept sending me money for allowance and house rent.

He kept promising me he would be back soon till date. I met someone that’s asking my hand in marriage I am confused like this. Should I wait for this white man that has been of help for me and my family or get married to this man that’s asking me to marry him.”

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