70 percent of women in prison are there because of men – Kenyan activist

A Kenyan women rights activist, Ms Kamaitha, has said that most female inmates in the country were jailed because of men.

She made that assertion after visiting Langata women’s prison, where she ran a programme for a year.

According to her, approximately 70 percent of the women were sentenced to jail-term due to cases involving male folks.

The Author said that due to her experience and what she learnt from the female prisoners, she now fears jail more than poverty.

Kamaitha said; “I have come to fear jail more than I fear poverty. I ran a project at Langata women’s Prison for a year, and I can tell you for a fact, fear jail.

Also, almost 70% of the women in that maximum security prison are in there because of men. Fear men first, then fear jail, then satan.”


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