Uju Anya: US based lesbian Nigerian Prof divorces husband

A US based lesbian Nigerian Professor, Uju Anya has revealed that she has just finalized her divorce filing with her husband.

In a statement she released on twitter, the Professor wrote that she is now free and she does not have the intention to marry another man.

Uju Anya: US based lesbian Nigerian Prof divorces husband

In her post, she revealed that her ex-husband knew of her sexuality before they got married, but she only thought at the time she was bisexual.

She further revealed that she is a full lesbian.

Uju Anya wrote on Twitter

Been legally separated since 2017, but the final decree has just been filed. I’m now officially free to never marry anybody again. I told a dear friend I wish I could throw a huge divorce party, but we’re in a plague. This absolute darling sent me flowers.

Thank you for your sweet congratulations, everyone! I’m so happy to move on to a new chapter of life and loving friendship with my ex-spouse and co-parent. Now I can remove the * when I tell fine aunties I’m single.

To people imposing your strange obnoxious judgement on my divorce, because you resent that I am congratulated, joyful, loved, satisfied, and successful outside marriage, I wish you one day gain something I fought for and enjoy every single day: fulfillment. Life is very short.

For those asking or new to my Twitter, I’m reposting a 2019 interview. Also, to be clear, I loved and dated women and men before marriage, and I married a man who knew this. It was during the marriage that I understood I’m not bisexual. I’m a lesbian.


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