Travis Preston dancer death: Travis Preston death, obituary

Travis Preston dancer death happened: Travis Preston death, obituary happened 11th October 2019.

Travis Preston dancer death: Travis Preston death, obituary

He passed away peacefully at 11:01am on 10/11/2019 with his family by his side after fighting for his life in ICU.

Read the touching tribute from his loved one at Travis Preston funeral:

Today I spoke at Trav’s funeral. To even type those words makes no sense to me. As I stood next to him…. I hope he heard every word…that he could feel all those that love him. I hope he laughed..and cried a little…and smiled.

I spoke to him directly. I told him……”I hope i feel you behind my shoulder teasing me relentlessly so I can cuss and swing at you…

i hope i hear you whisper in my ear that you love the choreography i just made up….I hope you are putting a million stones on all the angels wings….

I hope you are teaching God you slide split, because I am sure the God we know..for sure… dances.

But most of all… I hope you are running, dancing, laughing and jumping in the bluest ocean in heaven.

Trav…I hope you are free…and whole again.”

And then i placed my #swim necklace in with him.

This is the last video I will post for a while of my Trav. I need to step back for a bit and find my own thoughts to get strong again. This was one of his favorite solos. I choreographed this POV solo for him late at night.

Just me and him…laughing…talking life lessons..tattoos…beaches…and dance. I left the section of me talking in…because how ironic the words I said back then…. would speak so loudly now. I invite as many people to share this amazing human…his last dance…his beautiful soul. He would love that!
#thisistrav #itsokyoucanfloatnow #lesson22
Thank you 💙🐟

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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