Tom Kelsey missing: How Tom Kelsey went missing

Tom Kelsey missing: This is a desperate call for help to find Tom Kelsey missing since Sunday July 7, 2019.

Tom Kelsey missing

Thomas Kelsey was last seen at Katch at Venetian Shores in Lindenhurst Sunday evening around 10:30pm. He was walking to his truck, a 2015 dark cherry red Yukon XL plate #EYE 9312.

He hasn’t been seen since then.

A missing person report has been filed. His family and friends are very worried.

Facebook posts by Tom’s friends pleading for help to find him read:

ATTENTION ATTENTION everyone please be on the lookout and share!!!

Looking for my friend Tom Kelsey.

Last known location was at Katch at Venetian Shores Park in Babylon/Lindenhurst Sunday evening. He drives a 2015 dark cherry red Yukon XL License plate number EYE9312.

He was walking to his truck, a 2015 dark cherry red Yukon XL. He had glasses on and I believe a blue plaid shirt. No one has seen him or his truck since. Please contact the 6th precint SCPD if you know his whereabouts, or have seen him in passing.

A police report was made at the 6th precinct, his phone is turned off and unable to track, he has not been tracked leaving the island through the city since February.

This truck is huge hard to miss. Please keep an eye out. It is extremely unlike him to just disappear like this and to not show up for work and especially to not go home to his precious puppy Sasha. Keep sharing! Thank you.

If you have any information please contact the detectives at the 6th precinct.

Help find Tom Kelsey.

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