Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan cause of death – what happened?

Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan cause of death – Toby Mac son, Truett Foster McKeehan died at home in Nashville on October 22, 2019. He was only 21 years old.

The Nashville Fire Department had responded at Tobymac son’s home after receiving a cardiac arrest call. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Truett McKeehan cause of death is pending autopsy.

Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan

In a statement to USA Today Network – Tennessee, a representative for the family said:

“Truett did pass away at home in the Nashville area sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

“Cause of death has not been determined. Toby was traveling back from Canada and did not get home to be with his family until after midnight last night so there is no statement.

We just ask that everyone please be respectful of their privacy during this time and allow them to grieve their loss.”

Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan cause of death – what happened?

Truett Foster McKeehan, aka Truett Foster, truDog, TRU and Shiloh was an aspiring rapper and Christian rapper TobyMac’s oldest child.

They collaborated on several tracks for different TobyMac albums.

Last year, TobyMac released a song called “Scars” where he reflected on how his relationship with his eldest son Truett McKeehan started changing when Truett left home.

TobyMac raps in the song:

“Now you won’t take my phone calls, You won’t text me back at all, I just wanna see you, I can’t stand to see you gone.”

Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan cause of death has not been determined.

Please say a prayer for his grieving family. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

27 thoughts on “Toby Mac son Truett Foster McKeehan cause of death – what happened?

  1. Trust in the Lord with all your hear, lean not on your own understanding. Know that we only get to keep our precious loved ones until God calls them home. My prayers and heart go out to you and your family Toby.

  2. How I pray in Jesus name for comfort from our Lord for Toby and his family in the loss of their beloved son. Answers will come later, but the grief will still be there. Our Jesus has wrapped his arms around you!

  3. May he rest in peace, and may Our Good God comfort those he left behind. Praying for you #truettfostermckeehan!, #tobymac

  4. My heart is breaking for you. May you somehow find peace and joy in the memories you have. May God’s angels wrap their arms around you.

  5. May the Lord be with You in these hard times. For some reason it was his his time, only God knows. Get closer to God, he will be there for you. May God Bless You and Your Family

  6. My prayers and condolences to you and your family. There are no words to even explain how your feeling, I lost my son at 26 years old and the only peace was getting in the presence of the Lord. You have saved so many lives with your music! Please be strong and continue doing what you do! I personally listened to your music as something that helped me breathe everyday I will pray for you and your family!
    God bless you!

  7. Brother Toby and family:
    Please be advised, after reviewing your recent posts with regard to Truett, I wish I could reach thru the computer and hug each and every one of you. I’ll say prayers for your family during this time of great sorrow.

  8. I pray that the Lord of peace would flood this families heart to know that to absent from the body is to be present with the One and Only True God. May peace flood your soul.

  9. Praying for God’s comfort and healing during this time of great loss. You and your family are in my prayers. Knowing that He is carrying you as you lean on the Lord alone for strength during this time of grief.

  10. We are so sorry for your loss. No parent should ever have to bury their child. We just buried our only son two weeks ago. We do know how you are feeling. Our prayers are with you.

    1. My prayers are with you and your family at this time of sorrow and grief. We lost our son 19 years ago at 23 years old so I can say I truly know your pain. Stay close to our Lord for strength and your loved ones Praying for peace at this difficult time.

  11. Toby and Family, I feel very deeply your loss only because l also lost a son. I didn’t have God in my life and this was to big for me. The pain was immense and my life became dark. After trying to go it alone, I reached out to Jesus and He reached down and pulled me out. I gave the “why” to God, for one of His great promises is; He is always close to the broken hearted and He will put your shattered hearts back together in a way that will strengthen your faith in Him even more. I am praying for your family and I know He has His loving arms wrapped around you…My deepest condolences…

  12. There are no words to ease the pain of your loss. Rest assured our Lord Jesus Christ has you and your family in the palm of His hand. With Love, Terry and Ann Bradshaw

  13. Precious lamb of God please send an army of love and peace and comfort to the Toby Mac family. He passed through shadow he had no fear God was and is with him safe in the father’s loving arms. Thank you Mr. Mac for the thousands of people that you have touched by your music and your words and thank you for your son’s words to reach a different generation please publish them

  14. Toby Mac, his wife, and family are trulyin my prayers! I am so sorry for this great loss. Keep trusting in the Lord for His Divine Peace, and Comfort!

  15. Sometimes putting our life first can be our downfall. Gods will for us can not be implemented without putting God first.

  16. To Toby and your entire family, I’m so sorry to hear of your Loss! I’ll put you and your family in my prayers! May God comfort all of you in this time!

  17. I’m a very big fan of toby’s music when I found out that his son died I was heartbroken. I will keep him in my prayers.

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