Summer Hubbard missing update: 8 year old last seen Oct 4 Austin Texas

Summer Hubbard missing updates: Summer Hubbard’s father, Rick Hubbard has alleged his 8 year old daughter, Summer Lane Hubbard has been kidnapped.

Summer was last seen October 4, 2019 in Austin Texas.

Summer Hubbard missing

According to her father, Summer Lane Hubbard’s alleged non-custodian mother, Julia Hubbard-Parsons, at approximately 1p.m. on the 4th of October, tricked their daughter’s principal to allow her to take Summer out of school.

Rick has accused Julia of disappearing with their daughter.

Summer Hubbard missing: 8 year old last seen Oct 4 Austin Texas

Read below Rick’s accusations against Julia and her family concerning his missing daughter. He shared the claims on his Facebook page the day Summer went missing.

Please note, we do not claim to have verified Rick’s claims about having custody of Summer.


My daughter has been kidnapped. This is not a joke.

Most of you know I have had sole custody of my daughter, Summer Lane Hubbard for 2 and 1/2 years since her very ill and drug-addicted mother, Julia Hubbard-Parsons and her very sick family abducted her from me in early 2017 using a false criminal allegation I was later acquitted of.

I was able, with the help of many friends and my family to get custody back of Summer in May of 2017.

Since then, Summer and I have lived a life together most fathers can only dream of with a bond like nothing I could imagine. There is NOTHING in this world that is more important or precious than my angel and her continued safety and success.

Today at approximately 1pm my estranged wife without notice, tricked my daughter’s very irresponsible principal to allow her to take her out of school and disappear. The principal called me after she was gone to report the “strange event.”

No license plate, no questions, no civil stand by or police intervention, and no warning.

Although Marble Falls PD and Burnet County are absolutely worthless and literally did nothing to assist except tell me I should relax as I chased after my daughter, I’m very thankful for my Travis County Sheriff’s and constables who helped me scout airports and hotels for hours after their shifts. To no avail however.

My Summer is gone and her bed is empty. We have another emergency hearing tomorrow to discuss how to enforce orders and empower other agencies to help find her, but many hours have passed and her mother has vowed to kill herself or me before she loses custody over her drug addiction.

My daughter is in grave danger.
We believe she is en route to Salt Lake City Utah to be hidden with her maternal grandparents who are guilty of unspeakable crimes against children including the reason their daughter was abused and turned into such a despicable human being.

I am offering a $10,000 cash reward to anyone who can provide me with information leading to the safe return of my daughter to her home with her sister, pets, and her daddy.

I am hoping to increase the reward with the help of law enforcement agencies, but I spent over $20,000 today just on investigators and attorneys to get law enforcement to lift a finger.

Please call or text or email me with ANY information about the possible whereabouts of Julia Alexis Hubbard and /or Summer Lane Hubbard to:
512-659-8713 or 512-716-5535 or or

Or call Travis County Sheriff’s office with information.

Thank you friends and please pray for the safety of the most precious gift in my life. Please pray and pass this along.

Rick Hubbard

If anyone is near her, please know that I will GLADLY accept anonymous tips and please tell Summer that daddy is coming for her and he will NEVER stop.

Summer Hubbard missing – 2nd update

The next day after Summer went missing, October 5th, Rick shared this update on Facebook:

I am on the ground in Salt Lake City where my daughter was seen at 3pm, 5pm and possibly at 7pm mountain time tonight.

She was spotted with her mother who kidnapped her coming out of a shelter in midvale with my daughter summer.
She has dyed both of their hair pink and summer was wearing a beanie with messy, dirty hair stuffed up inside the beanie.

It was reported she was over heard crying because she wanted to stay at shelter without my daughter because she knew I was coming to find summer.

Julia is on the run again and it’s possible that she may have left on flight to NC about 12 minutes before the police and I got to the gate, but I believe we made it get in time.

It is now most likely that Julia is at a hotel or shelter around taylorsville or mid Salt Lake City. She was also seen begging/panhandling for plane tickets in same locations. The airport police are attempting to search for them and their will will be Utah warrants at all airports tomorrow I hope by 10am.

It is most likely that Sumner alone or possibly with her fugitive mother at her mothers apartment in taylorsville on Twin River way
Or at her sister’s home in South Jordan on W Mellow Way.

If any groups, or members of their wards or stake know any information, all the family members are wanted for questioning by police.

South Jordan family members assisting with the kidnapping are Amber Parsons Lomu and Simione Lomu.

Their mother and step father are at that residence or possibly at the apartment in taylorsville.

The parents names are Jon W Parsons and Barbara Parsons.

Julia May be using another first name now. She also does by the aliases of Alexis, and various stage names and with the last names of Hynes, Parsons, and Hubbard.

Other family members who are assisting with the kidnapping are Linda Cotton who is currently in Salt Lake City for a seminar but will not give her location to police.

Other members of Julia’s family who are fully aware of the kidnappings and refusing to assist recovery efforts are
Jim Parsons uncle, Jordan parsons cousin, Jeramie Parsons, Monica Parsons. All in the fairly close locations.

ALL have been shown and/or served with paperwork and citations proving that I have full custody of my daughter and the orders specifically making it a violation of Orders, the Temporary Restraining Orders, and the Writ of Attachment ordering immediate return of Summer Lane Hubbard to my possession and Ordering Julia’s immediate return to Texas where she violated standing orders by removing our child from school, disrupted her home life, and most importantly knowingly transporting Summer scrapes state lines.

She also attempting to abduct an unrelated child according to school and airline records but was unsuccessful. Thank God.

Also!! Please be aware that Julia is also being assisted by her biological father in Alexandria VA


Anyone nearby please keep watch to look out for movthese horrible people attempting to move or hide my daughter!!!
Please call me at 512-659-8713 or text is usually better because I’m fielding so many calls and flights.

Or call directly to the Taylorsville PD at 801-743-7000

Or South Jordan PD at 801-840-4000

Thank you!!!

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