Shittycuz_la Instagram: Shitty Cuz ‘claims innocence’ over Nipsey murder

Shittycuz_la Instagram – an Instagram account has claimed that Eric Holder, the man who is suspected to have killed US rapper Nipsey Hussle is innocent in the Nipsey Hussle murder.

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Shitty Cuz ‘speaks’ via Shittycuz_la Instagram account:

Shittycuz_la Instagram – an Instagram account suspected to belong to Shitty Cuz has a lot of followers.

See posts and videos that just got published on the Shittycuz_la Instagram account.

Nipsey Hussle killer speaks:

Shittycuz_la Instagram- Shitty Cuz lailasnews

Shittycuz_la shitty cuz lailasnews shitty cuz instagram lailasnews

nipsey hussle killer speaks lailasnews

Shitty Cuz: 5 Facts About Nipsey Hussle’s Killer

  1. Eric Holder a.k.a Shitty Cuz, has been identified by police as suspected Nipsey Hussle’s killer following the fatal shooting at the 33-year-old rapper’s clothing store in Los Angeles.
  2. It is alleged that Shitty Cuz is a Crip gang member
  3. Police Sources say Eric was someone Nipsey Hussle knew
  4. Eric Holder’s Instagram Page Calls Himself a ‘Boss King’ & ‘Cool Young King’
  5. ‘Shitty Cuz’ Had a Soundcloud Account That Called Himself ‘Da Great’

Nipsey Hussle murder video:

Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle was shot Sunday in the Hyde Park neighborhood, outside the rapper’s The Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

A video from a surveillance camera that captured moment Nipsey was shot showed he was among four people standing by a car when gunfire erupted outside his clothing store.

It is not clear which one is Nipsey, but the people appear to be talking. Others are milling about in front of the store. A figure dressed in dark clothing appears to approach the four and then everyone scatters.

Two of the people standing by the car don’t get far, however. They fall to the ground. One of them, wearing a white hat and shirt, appears to try to get back up but promptly collapses.

Eric Holder, 29, was named in Nipsey’s shooting death and has now been arrested.

In a statement, police said Holder walked up to Nipsey and two other men as they stood outside a business in a strip mall on West Slauson Boulevard.
He fired multiple times and then ran to a nearby alley where a vehicle — “driven by an unidentified female” — was waiting for him, police said.

Holder entered from the passenger side and the vehicle fled, authorities said.

Nipsey died in the shooting and the two other men were injured and transported to the hospital.

A memorial to honour rapper Hussle ended in a stampede that injured multiple people, two critically.

The lady getaway driver who aided Eric Holder, alleged Nipsey Hussle’s killer, has said she was not involved in the shooting and had no idea about it beforehand.


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