Sequoyah High School suicide: Body found in Sequoyah high school

Sequoyah High School suicide: A body found in Sequoyah high school has sparked Sequoyah high school suicide worries.

Sequoyah High School suicide lailasnews

Someone was found dead at Sequoyah high school, according to reports online. Eyewitness add that there is a crime scene by the school, there are dogs also.

There are reports that say the Sequoyah High School suicide was already confirmed a suicide and there’s no threat to the students other than not keeping it low key and stressing the students out. Just pray for the family of the person.

What happened at Sequoyah HighSchool?

The body of a deceased adult was found on Sequoyah High School campus before school this morning. Police are investigating; reports say death appears to be self-inflicted.

We will keep you updated as we get more news about this tragedy, suspected suicide at Sequoyah High School.

As at now, here is the text parents received from the school system: CCSD message:

The body of a deceased adult was found on Sequoyah HS campus before school this morning. Police investigating; death appears to be self-inflicted.

This is the email that came from Barbara Jacoby at the superintendent’s office.

Dear Parents:

This message is to advise you of police activity on the Sequoyah High School and Hickory Flat Elementary School campuses.

The body of a deceased adult was found near the Sequoyah East building before school this morning; numerous police officers are on the scene to respond and investigate. Initial reports are that the death appears to have been self-inflicted.

We are committed to the safety and security of our schools and your children. We appreciate the student who reported seeing something suspicious as he drove onto campus this morning so that police could promptly respond. If you ever have any information about any school safety concern, please use our SafeSchools Alert system: The system is monitored by police and administrators, and reports may be made anonymously.

Barbara P. Jacoby
Chief Communications Officer
Cherokee County School District

Sequoyah School News

Worried parents were asking on social media: What happened at Sequoyah East? Why is there police activity? Keep parents informed please.

A very concerned parent wrote this on Facebook:

As a parent, we hope that when we send our students to school they will be safe from all of the craziness in the world. The schools take safety very seriously and do what they can but unfortunately some things are unavoidable.

Please say a prayer for all of those affected by the events at Sequoyah this am as well as for the student that arrived at school and had to report it.

More posts from worried users on Twitter:

a dead body????? at sequoyah????

so they found a body at sequoyah this morning? i’m spooked

Wow 😧 someone was really found dead at Sequoyah high school


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