Rocco de Villiers accident: Rocco de Villiers and Andre Pelser dead

Rocco de Villiers and Andre Pelser have died in an accident after the Toyota bakkie they were traveling in ended up in a canal at Ganspan, near Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Rocco de Villiers and Andre Pelser dead lailasnews

How Rocco de villiers accident happened:

According to their family members, how Rocco and André Pelser accident happened early on Saturday morning are still a mystery. They also don’t know where de Villiers and Andre Pelser were going.

Rocco de Villers is 42 years old while Andre is 43 years old.

De Villiers managed the bakkie and was apparently killed at the time.

Rocco de Villiers fiance:

Rocco de Villers fiance, Marlize van der Merwe, said she had talked to him the previous night.

“Rocco went with friends, but he didn’t sound drunk. He didn’t come home the night. “

Describing De Villiers as someone who would do anything for someone else, Marlize van der Merwe said:

“It was easy to love Rocco. I was four years alone, then we got engaged. And now he was snatched from my life.

He was an incredible person.”

Andre Pelser:

After the accident, paramedics tried to keep Andre Pelser, a farmer in the area, alive, but he didn’t make it.

Andre Pelser’s wife, Karin, only heard of Rocco de Villers accident with her husband later on Saturday. Same day Marlize heard of the accident too.

“André loved his two children and for animals,” says Karin. He was very involved with the church and the community.

Lieutenant Colonel. Provincial police spokesperson Dimakatso Mooi said police were investigating the Rocco de villiers accident.

De Villiers was the manager of the agricultural company GWK’s trading branch in Jan Kempdorp.

See photos from Rocco de Villiers accident:

Rocco de Villiers accident lailasnews

Rocco de Villiers andre pelser accident lailasnews



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