Rev Charles Adams Detroit NOT dead: Charles Gilchrist Adams

Rev Charles Adams Detroit is NOT dead. Rev. Dr. Charles Gilchrist Adams, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, MI is in failing health.

Rev Charles Adams Detroit NOT dead: Charles Gilchrist Adams

The Detroit News published an erroneous report about Charles Adams death, that Rev Charles Adams Detroit had passed. It is not true. See the apology by Gary Miles, editor and publisher of The Detroit News below:

“The Detroit News briefly posted a story on its website Sunday evening with a headline stating that Adams had died. The story was posted inadvertently when staff members were preparing background information on the iconic church leader.

We sincerely apologize to the Rev. Adams and his family, his friends and the congregation of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.

We can’t begin to comprehend the heartache and grief that this has caused so many.

Egregious though it was, it’s important for readers to know that this was not a failure of reporting or sourcing, but the accidental posting of a file that was unfinished and not yet intended for publication.”

The News will review what happened and take appropriate measures to protect working files from accidental publication.”

Rev Charles Adams Detroit:

Noted Baptist pastor, REV. DR. Charles G. Adams retired after 50 years in Detroit. He is succeeded by his son, the Rev. Charles Christian Adams.

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