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Paris Morton model Drake relationship lailasnews

Who is Paris Morton model

Paris Morton is the name of a model who Drake wrote the first Paris Morton Music about. It was an extended verse from his Rick Ross collaboration “Aston Martin Music”.

The Atlanta based Paris Morton model was added to the list of the Women of Drake after Drake released the verse he’d originally recorded for Rick Ross’ “Aston Martin Music,” and titled it “Paris Morton Music.”

paris morton model lailasnews
Paris Morton

What’s the tea on Morton and Drake relationship?

Read some comments about Paris Morton model that we saw on social media and Lipstick alley:

  • From Ms.LC:

I know she is a video girl with a Big ass ( ass looks fake) but why did drake make a song about her are they dating? I need some tea on this chick asap. Here she is on the left side @ drake video shot in atl for fancy.

  • From King B. Giselle:

Like a poster said before, Drake was like the loser in HS who once he got a lil money and chicks started giving him attention, he couldn’t handle it sticking his d*ck in any and everything.

Paris is just a hit and quit til the next big booty chick comes along.

Whoever she is, she’s not cute.

Bria got a song, chick from Degrassi got a song, Rih Rih got a song, Maliah got a song, now she has a song……catch my drift?

  • From Chanel4life:

Damn.. He’s doing too much putting all these chicks in his songs.

I guess that’s his inspiration. This Paris chick is actually very cute. I’ve never seen such a bad pic of her.

There are 3 Morton sisters. They do alot of photoshoots and stuff together. Paris Did the magazines and stuff.

She is the cutest of the 3.

  • From Incogneato:

Anyway… Drake makes songs about chicks regardless of if they’ve boned or not. He’s just as much of a groupie as some women are. He and Paris are cool and have kicked it, but as of a month or so ago they weren’t boning.

…but I’m not in their bedroom so they could be lying **shrug**


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