This post shows Nipsey Hussle was a good man before he died

A woman has narrated how distraught her husband was at the news of the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot on Sunday in front of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

This post shows Nipsey Hussle was a good man before he died

The post from the woman corroborates multiple reports which states that the rapper had a huge heart and was effecting s change in his neighborhood.

Read her post below.

‘My husband has been assigned to the Crenshaw district to update and replace the street lights. For the past few months my husband has been telling me stories about this amazing shop owner who always comes out with snacks water and sodas.

‘Every time this shop owner thanks him for work and upgrading the area. A few times this shop owner tried hooking up my husband with free merchandise.

‘My husband would tell me what a cool and real nice guy he was.’

‘Yesterday my husband called me [crying] and distraught. [He] told me you know that shop owner wh I’m always telling you about? I was like ya what’s up? My husband then proceeded to tell me well I just saw [his] pictures on the news and it turns out it was Nipsey Hussle.

‘My husband is just a simple street light electrician and no one has ever been so kind to him on his job. This story is just a small example of a great man’s character.’


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