Nigerian woman reveals she and her husband started bɘating their son before he turned 1 to ‘establish authority early’

A Nigerian woman has received heat on social media after revealing that she and her husband started beating their son before his first birthday.

The woman who goes by the Twitter handle @decey_blue made this shocking revelation in response to a Twitter user who advised parents to establish authority over their children early in life.

In response, @decey_blue agreed with the idea and shared that her two-year-old son is well-behaved because her husband started beating him before he turned one.

She mentioned that her husband insisted on disciplining their son from a young age, which she expressed concern about initially but eventually succumbed to the idea.

“Hubby started beating our son before he turned 1. I was concerned but he said it’s important to do all necessities now that he’s still very young. So we jointly correct him and shower him with love (we correct because we love)

He’s not even 2 yet, but he’s so obedient and lovely,” she tweeted.

Her statement did not go down well with many, and they asserted that she and her husband have traumatized their son to the point where he is now timid, and they think it is him being ‘obedient and lovely.

See her tweet below,

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