Miguel Gamo missing: Last seen Coronado bridge September 29

Miguel Gamo missing: He was last seen on Coronado bridge on September 29, 2019.

This is a desperate call for help find the 23 year old Filipino American.

Miguel Gamo missing Coronado bridge

Miguel Gamo is a UCSD Chemical Engineer and a very involved and ambitious individual.

Miguel Gamo missing, last seen Coronado bridge September 29 – what happened?

Miguel was reported missing after he was last seen on the Coronado bridge and did not show up to work the morning (September 30).

Again, he had missed plans with a friend Sunday afternoon (Sept 29).

A call for help to find Miguel from his sister Melissa Gamo on Facebook reads:

HELP—Please help me find my brother.

Last seen Sept 29 on Coronado Bridge connecting Coronado to San Diego. He did not show up to work this morning (Sept 30) and missed plans with a friend Sunday afternoon (Sept 29).

Please share and repost. If you have any info, please contact the local police.

Sharing information from another post on Facebook:

Miguel Gamo car was found on Coronado Bridge.

The unusual thing is that Miguel didn’t show any signs of depression, anxiety, or personality changes.

Also, according to his father, Miguel’s phone location tracking showed back in Northpark after being at the bridge (AT&T family security plan technology).”

Please help bring Miguel home. Any information on his whereabouts will be a great help.

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