Malibongwe Gcwabe confirms Rev Nkomfa Mkabile death

Pastor Malibongwe Gcwabe has confirmed Rev Nkomfa Mkabile death.

Pastor Malibongwe Gcwabe Rev Nkomfa Mkabile death lailasnews

Rev Nkomfa Mkabile died today April 17th, 2019 after an illness.

Pastor Malibongwe Gcwabe:

Confirming Rev Nkomfa Mkabile death on Facebook, Pastor Malibongwe Gcwabe wrote:

Ilizwe lam lonakele today ngokushiywa ngu mhlobo wam I family yam umntu ebeyinto yonke kum u Deon Nkomfa Rest In Peace I will miss u dearly my friend

Rev Nkomfa Mkabile had been sick and was hospitalized before his death.

Read more tributes coming in in honour of Rev Nkomfa Mkabile:

  • From Vince Enklyve:

I would really urge comrades to consider and refraim from insulting Rev Deon Nkomfa Mkabile.

The fact that he left our glorious movement shouldn’t make lose our humanity.

He is still a human being, a brother, a husband, a son, lets not allow our differing ideologies, in politics make us lose sight of the bigger picture which is to unite society behind the 🖤💚💛 ANC, its policies.

its politics nothing more nothing less people will join and some will leave but the goal remains.

Spectators are watching, your behavior might hurt and isolate people you had no intetion of isolating.

Ayidingi kulwelwa lento, iyazithethela ngokwayo.

  • From Asanele:

I remember you hosting Lundi Tyamara Funeral service.. You were vibrant and on point..

Today afternoon we receive the most shocking news that you are no more..

It’s very sad to us as Gospel Supporters and to the people you served in different places…

Rev Nkomfa will always be remembered.

Rest in Peace Rev Deon Nkomfa Mkabile..

In GOSPEL Silahlekelwe its really hard to believe

“He is not a Man that He should Lie” RIP 😢😢


  • From Vovee:

RIP Rev. Nkomfa Mkabile- May your soul rest in peace and we are praying for the family. We will forever miss you.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.



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