Lori Mcleod Colorado Evil Lives Here

Rob and Lori Mcleod Colorado are the parents of one of Scott Kimball’s victims, Kaysi McLeod.

Lori Mcleod death, obituary: Lori Mcleod Colorado cause of death

The lifelong felon, Scott Kimball is serving a 70-year sentence for four murders committed after he was released from prison in 2002 to act as an FBI informant.

Kimball, a lifelong con man with four felony convictions, was released from prison on Dec. 18, 2002, to act as an FBI informant after convincing federal agents that his cellmate, Steve Ennis, had asked him to kill a witness in a drug case.

Less than a month after he was released in 2002, four people vanished.
LeAnn Emry, 24, vanished. Ennis’ girlfriend, Jennifer Marcum, 25, disappeared a month after that, and Kaysi McLeod, 19, went missing in August 2003. Then, some time in mid-2004, Kimball’s uncle, Terry Kimball, 60, vanished.
Scott Kimball was the last to see each of them alive.

Rob and Lori McLeod bravely shared their story on Evil Lives Here, Dateline.

A tribute to her online reads:

Lori McLeod from Season 5 Episode 3 of Evil Lives Here has to be the bravest woman I’ve seen.

She faces a certain death & the way she spoke of her reunion with her daughter in heaven is something that will stay with me forever.

I Pray for your peace Lori #evilliveshere


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