Lindley Dodson death: Touching story of her life and love for children

Friends and family members have been reacting to the death of Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson who was fatally shot and killed on Tuesday night.

Lindley Dodson death: Touching story of her life and love for children

The female pediatrician was killed by another doctor who had taken her hostage alongside four other people after he was turned down for a volunteer position at the practice the previous week.

The four others either escaped or were let go by Narumanchi but he kept Dodson behind.

After a six hour stand-off during which police negotiators pleaded with him not to kill her or harm himself, Narumanchi shot Dodson dead then killed himself.

It’s unclear where he is from but police say his family had been making plans for him to have hospice care. Police have not revealed what kind of cancer Narumanchi had been diagnosed with.

In a touching tribute to Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson, a friend wrote on the kind of person she was and how she was loved by kids and their parents at the clinic.

Lindley Dodson death: Touching story of her life and love for children

She wrote:

Our entire community is beyond words gutted by the senseless loss of our wonderful pediatrician and friend, Dr. Lindley Dodson. This thread is dedicated to her life and love of children and I invite anyone who knew her to share a memory here, if that helps you process your grief.

Dr. Dodson was a light. An absolute shining light. She walked into the exam room with a broad but sympathetic smile on her face every time you were there (which for us was quite often, especially during our younger daughter’s first year).

She made you feel like your child’s illness was the only one that mattered in that moment, even though you knew there was a line of other kids and parents waiting anxiously to see her. She always made you feel important and heard.

She started her day with rounds at the hospital, where she would visit the brand new babies in her practice. Many peds had stopped doing this years ago, but not Dr. Dodson; She said it was the highlight of her day even though it meant a 6:45 AM start.

She lived just around the corner from us and I would often see her running around taking her 3 children to various activities or the park. Even though she had 100s of patients, she would always ask “How is Syd’s ear? How is Maddie feeling after that vaccine?”

My kids loved to play “Dr. Dodson”—dressing up as her and giving shots and check-ups. Maddie asked her once during an appointment “Can boys be doctors???” To which she gave her signature laugh and said “Yes, but girl doctors are the best aren’t they?!”

Leaving your house every day and returning home to your loved ones is something that we all take for granted. The idea that she was killed while doing what she loved most in this world, taking care of children, is beyond comprehension.

My heart is shattered for her 3 children, her husband, her family, her countless friends, the Children’s Medical Group doctors and staff, her patients, the Austin community, and everyone that knew and loved her. I just can’t believe she is gone. May her memory be a blessing.


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