Jason Murphy death, obituary: Jason Murphy actor death – what happened

Jason Murphy death, obituary: Jason Murphy actor death happened September 20, 2017.

Jason Murphy death

34 year old Murphy was found dead in the Los Angeles River in Elysian Park, northeast of downtown.

According to authorities, Murphy accidentally drowned after a night of drinking with alcohol intoxication a contributing factor.

But there are clues which suggest he may have met a more violent end.

Jason Murphy death, obituary: Jason Murphy actor death – what happened?

These clues include the fact that his cellphone has never been found.

Again, videos indicate Murphy got off a Metro train two miles from his home. Some eyewitnesses near where Jason Murphy body was found said they saw a man running in fear that night. Murphy’s body suffered bruising, cuts and other unexplained injuries.

According to the coroner’s report, Murphy was found in 3 inches of water at the bottom of a 33-foot wall.

A medical examination found abrasions and contusions on his forehead, face, thighs, knees and foot. The exam also found a black eye and multiple cuts on his hand, which seemed consistent with contact with barbed wire.

He also had a herniated diaphragm and a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.23%, the report said.

Jason Murphy’s widow, Dina Gregg learned that when her husband, Murphy’s body was found, he still had his wallet, containing $200 and credit cards, and his wedding ring. His cellphone was the only thing missing. At that instant, Gregg recalled, she started to grow suspicious.

Gregg had to raise tens of thousands of dollars online to hire private investigators to help find clues about Murphy’s death.

And together with the several retired homicide detectives she has hired, she accused the Los Angeles Police Department of botching the investigation.

According to them, no Northeast Division homicide detectives went to the scene, and they ignored evidence that might point to Murphy being robbed and killed.

The Robbery-Homicide Division is now examining the case and Gregg, who believes her husband was attacked and left to drown that night, says she wouldn’t rest until she learned how her husband received his injuries and landed in the river.

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