Into the Badlands Bajie dead: Is bajie dead? (What really happens)

Into the Badlands Bajie dead: Is Bajie dead?

Into the Badlands Bajie dead lailasnews 4

Dear Into The Badlands fans, Bajie is dead! Don’t ask me how. I spoil the movie give you

Ankara is dead too.
Sunny has been captured by the Black Lotus.
The Master is at the mercy of Pilgrim.
Minerva kills Chau.

These statements above are reactions from some Into The Badlands fans on social media.

Watch the video Bajie dead:

Reactions from fans angry that Bajie is dead:

Wtf would you do that…noooo…you just made me not feel like watching Episode 12 again…Its painful enough that they cancelled the Show no Season 4…now Bajie is dead!!..Like WTF?!

Read reactions from fans who don’t want to believe Bajie is dead. They believe somehow Bajie will be saved:

From Ashley Santos:

So I’m in denial at the moment I refuse to believe bajie is dead. I mean this is tv right? he could be alive, the widow could come back and save him, you know somehow.# #IntoTheBadlands

From Van Woland:

I refuse to believe that Bajie is dead. Pretty sure Ankara will heal him with the last of her life force. #IntoTheBadlands

The truth, however, is that Widow finds Bajie and heals him in the next episode.


One thought on “Into the Badlands Bajie dead: Is bajie dead? (What really happens)

  1. Neither do I want to believe Bagie is dead.. I’m very sure he will survive. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

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