Grandpa Kitchen death, obituary: How did Grandpa Kitchen die?

Grandpa Kitchen death happened October 27, 2019.

Grandpa Kitchen death, obituary: How did Grandpa Kitchen die?

Grandpa of Grandpa Kitchen, 73-year-old Narayana Reddy, streamed his last live video on Youtube on October 24, 2019, six days before his death was announced on his channel. Press play to watch:

His passing has left millions of his fans heartbroken.

Grandpa Kitchen, real name Narayana Reddy from Telangana, India, was well loved internationally for cooking gargantuan meals which he feeds the less fortunate Indian children and orphans.

His channel boasts of more than 6 million subscribers and 623,285,330 accumulated views since joining the online video platform since August 26, 2017.

Grandpa cooked everything from potato wedges and burgers to butter chicken and fish biryani for his young children. He also made kid-friendly dishes as pasta with tomato sauce and Hakka noodles.

Grandpa always started his videos by reciting his mantra of “Loving, caring, sharing. This is my family.” Then, using his limited English, he explained the recipe for the day as you watch how he cooks the meals.

His official cause of death has not yet been announced.

Please say a prayer for his family as you read these touching tributes from his fans, friends and loved ones. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Grandpa from Grandpa’s kitchen is dead. He was the most wholesome man on all of youtube, making large meals which he shared with orphans in his community. Been following him for a long time, and I cant really put into words how painful this is for me.

Rest in Peace

A channel I’ve rarely seen discussed Grandpa kitchen’s grandpa Narayana Reddy passed away.

He cooked meals for underprivileged kids and orphans, the money they raised also went to providing basic necessities.

He’s an absolute legend. Watch his videos if you haven’t

Just found out that grandpa from Grandpa’s Kitchen YouTube channel has passed on. This man is a real hero, cooking to feed the less fortunate kids. Loved his videos.

I hope whatever he started is carried on by someone else. RIP grandpa Narayana Reddy, the world has lost a hero.

Grandpa from Grandpa kitchen died on 27th October…I never saw my own grandfather but whenever he said “This is your Grandpa”… I felt nothing but love and compassion.

I’m so devastated.


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Grandpa Kitchen died: Narayana Reddy Grandpa Kitchen death cause

Grandpa Kitchen died: Narayana Reddy Grandpa Kitchen death cause

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