Dave Mateo death, obituary: Dave Mateo Pro Model Kendama tributes

Dave Mateo death, obituary: Beloved Kendama USA pro model Dave Mateo died October 12, 2019 after he took his own life.

Please say a prayer for his grieving wife and family.

Dave Mateo death, obituary: Dave Mateo Pro Model Kendama tributes

Dave Mateo death was sudden and has sent shock waves through the Kendama community.

Before his passing, Dave was a beloved member of the Kendama community and has been apart of the KendamaUSA pro team since 2016.

Standing out with his signature flow style, whether it’s with kendama, dancing, or his fashion sense, Dave had a personal brand that dared you to think beyond your limits and shoot for the moon.

Dave Mateo founded the Kendama-focused brand Spike Hard Catch Low. He also performed with the Jabbawockeez several years ago in Vegas.

Dave Mateo death, obituary: Dave Mateo Pro Model Kendama tributes

Hundreds of tributes have flooded social media and each described how impactful Dave was.

Please say a prayer for his family as you read the tributes below:

  • From Miguel McIntyre:

Just heard some of the worst news. One of the Kendama players I really look up to left us today.

My heart is so heavy because he always seemed like such a light in the community. His mod was the first I copped after learning anything about the game. Rest in paradise Dave Mateo.

Going to Spike Hard Catch Low for you this weekend ❤️

This just goes to show that some of the happiest, brightest, & most inspiring people around us can sometimes be hurting the most.

If you read this & need someone to talk to, please, PLEASE send me a message. Even if we don’t talk often, you don’t even have to tell me you’re having a hard time, we can talk about whatever just please know that you don’t have to carry your burdens alone. ❤️❤️

  • From Conor Miller:

Today I heard the news that my friend Dave Mateo has passed away. I met Dave when he first came to Atlanta and started working at kendama USA,

This man was so full hearted and genuine. I cannot believe he is not with us anymore .

His artistic flow with dope kendama tricks intwined with dance opened so many possibilities and inspired so many to be a good person.

Rest In Peace Dave we love you and will never forget you 🙏

  • From Anthony Lam:

Rest in peace Dave Mateo i remember meeting you thru kendama and then realizing you were a bboy as well truly an inspiration thru your art.

  • Johnny Thunder

First time I met Dave Mateo he ran to me and gave me a hug pretty hype moment for me:) I’ll miss this dude because even though he was miles away his energy was strong.

Live to love those people today because life is short. RIP🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️ Spike Hard Catch Low! Forever!

Prayers and Condolences to Dennis Rummel and all of Dave’s family this is a real lost to our culture of kendama and the Filipino people 🙏🏽❤️

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  1. David Mateo has so many stress because even the performance they have and 2019 all the way to the meeting for 2024 that we have known that he has a lot of performance to go on That’s why when he’s so many is so many stress he starts to like tempting to know that he can’t do it anymore he can do it anymore and then I think he has a lot of stress stress at the performance is coming and also he has so many places to go and he don’t know which place you want to he The performance that he have gone too stress overpowered to himself and then that’s why he started to not to believe himself and that’s why he calls the cause of death that’s why he suicide himself there were so many performers that he had Yes USA Japan London Singapore Malaysia Cambodia all the country he has to go and that’s why he gives us a lot of stress The stressful over to his past to his limit and that’s why he comes inside

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