Car accident Duluth MN: Massive accident involving 5 vehicles and a semi

Car accident Duluth MN: A massive accident involving 5 vehicles and a semi has happened on the Duluth side of the Blatnik bridge.

Car accident Duluth MN lailasnews

Four people, including at least one child are reported to be injured.

Car accident Duluth MN:

Emergency crews responded to the crash at U.S. Highway 53 on the Interstate 35 northbound off-ramp and the Interstate 535 ramp to Wisconsin at 3:43 p.m.

According to Minnesota State Patrol spokesperson Sgt. Neil Dickenson, a semi was traveling south on Highway 53 and approaching a traffic light when it hit five vehicles that were either stopped at the light or just beginning to move forward when the light changed.

The tractor-trailer is suspected to have experienced brake failure and was unable to stop. But that hasn’t been confirmed.

Dickenson said four people were transported to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. A child was taken by ambulance to a Duluth hospital, acting assistant chief of the Duluth Fire Department, Mark Herman said.

The State Patrol is investigating the crash and said the semi will be inspected for a possible equipment failure.

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