Brett Gemlick death, obituary: Dr Gemlick Fort Wayne – what happened?

Brett Gemlick death, obituary: Beloved Dr Gemlick Fort Wayne has passed away.

Please say a prayer for his family. Dr. Gemlick died at his home on Wednesday October 9, 2019. His cause of death is not public at this time.

Brett Gemlick death, obituary: Dr Gemlick Fort Wayne


Dr Gemlick Fort Wayne death, obituary: Orthopaedics Northeast tribute

Dr. Brett Gemlick, a Fort Wayne native, joined Ortho NorthEast in 2000 as a specialist in sports medicine.

Describing the late physician as “extremely popular with his patients, their families and the staff at ONE and at the various hospitals at which he did his work,” Ortho NorthEast’s chief executive officer, Raymond Kusisto, said in a statement:

“ONE wishes to express its sincere and heartfelt sympathy to his family and all of those who loved Dr. Gemlick.”

In 2018, Gemleck received the “Man of the Year” honor from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society after he raised a record $163,000 for the nonprofit organization.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

6 thoughts on “Brett Gemlick death, obituary: Dr Gemlick Fort Wayne – what happened?

  1. I know what happened. Perhaps you shouldn’t poke around for details and let his family and friends mourn his loss. He was a GREAT man, father, husband, doctor, friend, etc. Let’s remember him as he was NOT how he passed.

  2. @lindsey… I am pretty sure you are grieving and overreacting as I didn’t see anywhere in this article where they were poking around or implying anything other than that he was a great man. Now it is you that have made everyone curious as to more. A simple post where you correctly mentioned his family and his greatness would have been appropriate, but hey there will always be people that misinterpret innocent postings and then keyboard-ninja-warrior-style throw shade back. It’s cool, I will pray for you too in a friction to his family.

  3. I just am reading these posts now … and am sorry for your loss. Please find comfort in what Isaiah 41:10- and 13 says …

  4. @Lindsey You forgot to use the classic closing line, “Naa na na naa naaaa! I know and you don’t!” in your taunt. What a stupid thing to say.

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