Alexandra Maylin accident on 8th July 2019 – what happened?

Alexandra Maylin accident on 8th July 2019 happened on Route 128 near Danvers, MA.

Alexandra Maylin accident on 8th July 2019 - what happened?

In the devastating car accident, Alexandra was struck outside of her vehicle, she suffered serious head trauma – she suffered a TBI, traumatic Brain Injury and is currently in critical condition where doctors have given her a 0-1% chance at full recovery.

Alexandra is scheduled for surgery the week of October 20th after it was confirmed that she has sunken brain syndrome.

Sunken Brain Syndrome happens in only 13% of patients. So her brain is not floating in the spinal fluid and it is causing pressure which is why she is becoming less responsive. She needs her skull put back together.

Alexandra Maylin accident:

Alexandra has a loving family and a beautiful daughter who are not losing hope and praying everyday for her recovery.

There is is a Facebook page for Alexandra where her family is keeping thousands updated on her experience. You can view this page here:

And the GoFundMe link is:

Alexandra is an educated and inspiring content creator on the social media apps TikTok and Instagram. The light and kindness she radiates in her content is inspiring and enlightening.

You can view her content here on TikTok under the name @AlexandraMaylin or on IG @AlexandraMaylin.

Please say a prayer for her.

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