2020 prophecies for Nigeria from Mbaka, Adeboye, Oyedepo, Olukoya & Apostle Suleman

Read below 2020 prophecies for Nigeria from popular Nigerian pastors:

  • Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry,

  • Pastor E.A Adeboye of RCCG Redeemed Christian Church of God‎,

  • Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church

  • Pastor Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

  • Apostle Suleman Johnson of Omega Fire Ministries

2020 prophecies for Nigeria from Mbaka, Adeboye, Oyedepo, Olukoya

2020 prophecies for Nigeria from Father Mbaka

“Many things are going to happen in Nigeria this 2020 that will shock countrymen and countrywomen, but all would be to God’s glory.

“In spite of all the hard time that would happen this 2020, there is hope.

“In Imo State, there is hope. Hope, hope, hope … hope in Imo State!

“Imo people have suffered but God is raising a new hope that would be an agent of salvation for them.

“He’s coming with a new flag to restore the dignity of that noble land. A new leadership that will break barriers and there would be joy in the land of Imo.

“Lift your candles as I bless Hope Uzodinma; and I empower him to, spiritually, to take over. How I do not know.“

Please, if you heard that there would be a new government in Imo and you don’t like the message; if I say, Hope, you can say hopeless but do not fight me.

“I am saying this in respect of those who may want to come after me because of the message. If you do that, the God of Moses, Elijah and Elisha will deal with you. I am only a messenger of God.”

2020 prophecies for Nigeria from Pastor E.A Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God‎

  • Prophecy for 2020 -INDIVIDUAL

For every individual in RCCG, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory, also a year of series of battles but you will win. The battle is not yours, it will be victory after victory.

  • Prophecy for 2020 -INTERNATIONAL

This year unless you pray very hard, it is going to behave like a child that is having a convulsion. Earth Quake and volcanoes that have been dormant for years will erupt, the reason is due to SIN. SIN is becoming more rampant.

There will also be a change of government all over the world, some of the changes will be peaceful, and some will not…

This year, He will answer prayers.

Prophecies for 2020 from David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church

“The Bible is full of limit breakers. God has ordained to get you on the list of limit breaking saints.
I receive this prophetic Word and I declare with my mouth that.

“I am stepping into the year 2020 breaking limits in all my endeavours, in my spiritual life, in my business, in my career, in my destiny. I receive it, I believe it, and I experience it.

“The year 2020 is ordained my limit breaking year and I am stepping into the reality of it with faith in God whose hand can make anything happen at anytime. So help me Jesus, to walk into the reality of this limitless grace in all area of my life.

“I am breaking limit in my health,I am breaking limit in my family, in the name of Jesus!”

Prophecy for 2020 from Pastor Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

1. 2020 is a year where disobedience to God would yield terrible result that no deliverance can reverse.

2. More than any other year the enemy plans to bring the dog spirit (strange sexual perversions).

3. Year where round the clock prayers are needed against national restlessness.

4. This year impatience would lure many Into strange marriages.

5. A year not only to take back what the enemy has stolen but for you to occupy new territories.

6. Hot prayers are required in 2020.

7. This year would be messy and confusing.

8. Year when some many leaders would be shifted away.

9. A year where all things many have planted and watered in the past years would now begin to produce fruits.

10. Year where many who have endured season of darkness and delay would sing their song and dance their dance.

2020 prophecy from Apostle Suleman Johnson of Omega Fire Ministries

“This year 2020 shall be your year of greater glory and greater works…

“You will become an institution..your sorrow shall be turned to joy(John 16.20)…

“You shall enjoy peace on every side..helpers will come to you from everywhere in Jesus name..happy new year.”

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