Lady narrates how she got married while representing her sister at her wedding ceremony

A Nigerian TikToker has taken to social media to narrate how she landed with her current husband while she was just acting as a bride proxy for her sister.

According to the lady, her sister was unable to attend her own wedding ceremony because she was in abroad and the Covid-19 restriction restrained her from coming back home to complete her wedding ceremony.

However, the family thought it wise to let her sister represent her at the ceremony since they couldn’t wait any longer and she didn’t know when she would be coming back home for the ceremony.

When the groom came to the house to pay her sister’s dowry, she was then dressed up to represent her sister in the presence of their in-laws and when the groom set eyes on her, he hugged and kissed her.

Well, it looked like she ended up as the wife of the gentleman when her only purpose was to represent her sister. The groom fell in love with her at the spot and proceeded with the necessary marriage rites and took her home while her sister remains in abroad.


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